The Church QC is an interdenominational church made up of people from many different backgrounds coming together to worship in one Spirit. We are a body of believers open to the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit. You will find our services uplifting, our worship heartfelt, our people friendly, and our preaching encouraging. Below are some highlights of what to expect when you visit us.


When you visit, the first thing you will notice is our down to earth-genuine friendliness. Our laid back come-as-you-are-style is welcoming and refreshing. Our Pastoral staff are people just like you and take the time to talk, listen, pray, and lend a helping hand when needed. Let's be real, some churches are downright stuffy! Some pastors won’t give you their time! In a day where church cultures have purposely become over programmed down to the second-bringing you in and getting you out, we understand how that could leave you with an experience that is shallow; mechanical at best, and leaving you feeling empty. Here at THE CHURCH QC we work hard to create a friendly, relaxed, comfortable environment where you never feel rushed! The pastoral staff and our church community are committed to building a genuine relationship with you and your family. We are more than willing to get our hands dirty with you in fulfilling God’s purpose in your life! 


We provide an atmosphere that is passionate, intimate, beautiful, unashamed, risky, all-consuming…. Worship is connecting with God one-on-one. It is an expression to God of our gratitude for the innumerable blessings He has given, most importantly the freedom from sin and restoration of relationship with Him through Christ. True worship exalts Christ and humbles the individual … it’s not about me… it’s all about HIM. And we need desperately to encounter Him through worship. Our desperation for His presence provokes us to pursue Him passionately, to draw closer, and to be consumed by His love. 



We have exciting programs for kids of all ages including childcare from 0—23 months and pre-school kids from 2—4yrs. Dream Big is our children's ministry from Kindergarten through Grade 5. We take every precaution to make sure your child is safe, comfortable, grows spiritually, and has tons of fun!